Spray foam insulation stops heat from escaping from a home.

How Insulation Adds Value to Your Home or Business

Spray foam insulation stops heat from escaping from a home.Did you know insulation can make your home or business more attractive to a potential buyer? Many people focus on increasing curb appeal when they’re getting ready to put a property on the market.

Aesthetic improvements to a building are valuable. However, making your property more energy-efficient is also one of the best investments you can make.

Not only will spray foam insulation increase the value of your property but if you’re not yet ready to sell, insulation makes a building more comfortable while you’re occupying it. And, of course, efficient buildings cost less to heat and cool.

Ace Your Report

Buyers usually hire an inspector before closing on a sale. The inspector looks at everything in the building and reports the results to the prospective buyers. If the inspector finds inadequate insulation and poorly sealed windows and doors, that will show up in the report.

Savvy buyers know that a home or business that hasn’t been built or modified with energy efficiency in mind will cost more to maintain. A building that needs updating will be worth less to a buyer.

An Update That Pays

Compared to other remodeling projects, such as redoing a kitchen or bathroom, adding insulation is relatively inexpensive and easy. For instance, adding insulation to an attic or crawl space might run you a few hundred dollars.

The cost of insulation will depend on many factors: the square footage to be insulated, the type of insulation, whether you’re adding to existing insulation or starting from scratch.

Energy savings from insulation vary. The EPA calculates that a homeowner can save about 15% on heating and cooling bills by sealing and insulating a house. Depending on your energy use, the savings can add up to hundreds of dollars each year.

Seal the Deal

Insulation is only one part of being energy efficient. Before insulating, it’s important to find out if a building is losing heat or cold air. If you seal cracks around your building, you’ll see even bigger returns on investment in insulation and make your property more appealing to a buyer.

Find leaks by checking for drafts during winter. A thermal leak detector is one way to find unsealed areas. Once you determine problem areas, you can add more insulation.

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