Are your buildings constructed with a safe, reliable fireproofing system? Spray-On Foam offers state-of-the-art materials and application techniques to protect your property and business.

Fireproofing your structures is essential. A fast-moving fire can destroy buildings, injure people and cause financial devastation.

Proven Fireproofing Solutions

What’s the best, most cost-effective way to protect your steel and concrete structures? Passive fire protection, more commonly called fireproofing, delays the time to structural failure due to fires.

We use spray-on fireproofing products from Isolatek and Monokote. Your property will stand for longer during a fire when it’s protected with these durable fireproofing sprays. If a blaze breaks out, it could be minutes before help arrives to douse the flames. With passive fire protection in place, your property is protected around the clock.

Our techniques and materials thoroughly cover steel beams and concrete structures. Whether you need protection for a single beam or a large building with concrete floors and multiple steel supports, we’re here to help.

Experience You Can Rely On

Spray-On Foam has applied thousands of square feet of fireproofing product. We specialize in sprayed fireproofing and fireproof cladding.

Cafco, Monokote, and Albi Clad are leaders in developing safe and effective fireproofing products. With many different types of products, there’s a formula that’s right for your needs. From new construction to replacement fireproofing, Monokote, Cafco, and Albi Clad offers products designed for specific types of buildings and projects.

We’ll recommend the fireproofing right for your structures. We offer applications for interiors and exteriors. No two projects are alike. Our experts will consult with you and analyze your building’s requirements. We’ll come up with a solution that’s best for you and your budget.

Premium, Durable Spray-On Fireproofing

We use only the best, most durable products. When you choose the right intumescent paint or gypsum- or cement-based fireproofing materials for your building, no additional sealer is required.

Using our sprayed method of fire proofing we have been able to help serve multiple contractors here in the Portland area. Commonly there are very few companies that offer services to smaller spray applied fire proofing projects. That is why we are here. To ensure that fireproofing is applied in compliance to the UL guidelines no matter how small the project my be. We are pleased to help not only do the project but help your project get done in a more timely fashion, by offering multiple different option for fire protection.

Fire Proof Spray Foam in Portland Oregon
Albi Dri Clad fire proof sheeting installed in Portland OR.

Fireproofing Sheeting

When less intrusive methods are needed, we offer Albi Clad sheeting that can achieve up to two-hour fire protection.

When the fire protection is going to be seen by customers it sometimes is important to have a clean looking fire protection system installed. This is where Albi Clad fire protection sheeting is best used. Albi Clad is a sheet that offers up to 4 hour fire ratings and is attached mechanically to the structure. The Albi Clad Dri Clad sheets can also be used to wrap columns and beams. Leaving your project with a clean protected structure.

Washington’s Most Trusted Name in Spray-On Fireproofing

Spray-On Foam & Coatings has been a trusted name in the Pacific Northwest since 1973. We are part of the National Fireproofing Contractors Association and have the experience and expertise to handle your project, no matter how unusual. We excel in smaller jobs, too. We value the relationships we’ve developed within our community. We work hard to guarantee your satisfaction.

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