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For more than 50 years, Spray On Foam in Eugene has worked with a variety of industries to provide insulation, create air seals, install soundproofing, and a host of other applications. With the ability to expand into space, spray foam is an ideal product to help make your facility more energy-efficient and more comfortable for your employees.

Its versatility is what makes spray foam such an appealing product for so many industries. It can be used in tight spaces as well as areas that see a lot of traffic. Nearly maintenance-free, spray foam’s durability provides a long-term insulative solution for warehouses, cold storage, and office buildings.

Spray On Foam has worked throughout the Pacific Northwest, from Eugene, OR, to Spokane, WA, and points in between. In its initial state, spray foam is easier to transport than other insulation products. This saves on delivery costs as well as reducing emissions.

An adaptable, functional product

Spray foam insulation in the attic of a remodel

Spray foam is available in two main forms: Open cell foam and closed. Open-cell foam is a little more flexible than closed-cell foam because the air pockets are larger. This gives it the ability to reach tighter spots or form around electrical conduits, plumbing, and other forms of infrastructure that can be found inside walls.

Closed-cell foam has smaller voids making it more durable. While open-cell foam is mostly used in out-of-the-way spaces, closed-cell foam is denser and can withstand contact much better. For example, when used as a flat roofing material, closed-cell foam can be walked on when necessary.

Along with roofing applications, closed-cell spray foam has been used to raise sidewalks and roadways, stabilize earth around buildings or overpass footings, and even as large-scale retaining walls. It’s waterproof, repels insects and rodents, and will hold its shape for decades in both interior and exterior applications.

Spray foam can be used for so much more than insulation or creating air seals. Along with soundproofing, marine uses, and roofing, this versatile product can be used to protect your building and your employees. Other uses include:

Temperature control: Data centers, food storage, and other instances where consistent temperatures are needed. In addition to providing insulation, spray foam seals the gaps that allow the cold air to escape, which in turn makes the cooling equipment work much harder than it has to. Spray foam also helps minimize condensation and humidity that can cause rust, corrosion, molds, and other water damage.

Seismic rehabilitation: When injected into the open areas of masonry, spray foam acts as an adhesive and provides more stability. This method allows the existing structure to remain relatively undisturbed.

Fireproofing: Our products provide extra protection for your facility in case of fire. This “passive” form of fireproofing can be applied to overhead beams and supports in both interior and exterior instances. We can also produce sheeting to be used in walls during the construction of your facility.

Hazardous material abatement: Lead paint, asbestos, and other materials that were used for decades in construction. When damaged, these airborne particles represent serious health hazards. Spray foam will encapsulate these materials where they sit, keeping them intact. This means you don’t have to worry about expensive removal projects.

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Icyene open cell used in home walls trimmed flush.

Spray On Foam works quickly, safely, and will work around your schedule to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum. Our crews are experienced, well-trained, and go above and beyond when it comes to safety during installation, both for your structure and your employees.

Have questions about our process or how spray foam can help in your industry? Don’t hesitate to reach out or look at our list of different applications. Or maybe you’d like to talk about alternative ways spray foam can provide a solution for a problem. In either case, we’re here to help.

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We have been family owned for two generations with no end in sight. Our crews have many decades of experience, work safely and efficiently, and stay on top of new trends in the industry. Our insulation products can reduce your heating and cooling costs by between 30 and 50 percent.

That’s a lot when you consider how much it costs to heat a commercial structure, industrial plant, or business park. Whether you’re upgrading an existing facility or planning a new building, reach out to Spray On Foam and see how we can help make your structure more energy-efficient, safer, and even more stable.

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