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Protecting your structure with only the best. To insure that your structure is protected by using the industries most trusted brands. We have over 45 years of experience with none of our systems failing to protect. With different spray applied and mineral board fire proofing we will find the solution that fits your commercial structure needs. With ratings ranging from 1 to 4 hours. Excellent from metal pan decking, columns and beams. From small remodel to new commercial building we have you covered.

Monokote MK-6

Finding the best Fireproofing solutions for the Portland Vancouver are, Fireproofing

With Monokote MK-6 spray applied fire proofing is a proven method to receive needed fire protection ratings. With the abilities to be sprayed onto beams, columns and pan decking your building can be properly protected with the ease of one time application. Monokote MK-6 is UL tested and factory tested. Code Compliant ensuring that we will meet any city or county building codes for fire protection rating. Using a spray applied fire proofing can help reduce cost with only needing a one time application in most cases.

Albi DriClad

Finding the best Fireproofing solutions for the Portland Vancouver are, Fireproofing

Great for semi exposed fire protection system. With the Albi Driclad your beams and decking can be covered with a factory made boards. This system can be attached to any substrate to insure that your fire protection requirements are met without forfeiting design. This system can be used vertical and horizontal and is code compliant. Albi Driclad is UL tested and approved, Using this system will allow your structure to be wrapped with a very small profile while still matching city, county, and state codes.  With this system not only do you reicieve the very best fire proofing cladding you also get a R-value of 4.1 per inch. The Albi Driclad can also be installed along side other trades allowing your project to move forward at the pace that you need.

Isolatek Type P / Cafco Fiber Patch

With the Isolatek Type P or Cafco Fiber Patch your damaged fire proofing can be patched without the hassle of removing existing fireproofing to reapply. Dealing with damaged fire proofing can cause unseen slow downs in your remodel project. But with the fiber patch your project can carry on unhindered by missing or damaged protection systems. We have seen multiple commercial projects that have ran into this problem but where able to over come them with ease using the Cafco Fiber Patch.

Intumescent Coating

Finding the best Fireproofing solutions for the Portland Vancouver are, Fireproofing
spray foam freezer with dc-315 coating.

With 4 decades of working in the specialty coating industry we work to protect the building with intumescent coatings. To protect the structure with a simple spray applied monolithic coatings. Monolithic fire protection means it is applied in a simple seem less system. Commonly sprayed over exposed foam a fire resistant coating that will help keep your building safe from flash burning. These methods have been applied to thousands of commercial, residential and industrial projects. With this method used as an ignition barrier or a thermal barrier making it easier to make your project code compliant.