Air sealing done right

The possibilities are limitless. If it can be pressurized, it can be sealed. Smart technology removes human error while sealing areas that cannot be reached with manual techniques.

AeroBarrier Contractor in Vancouver Washington

AeroBarrier makes it simple to meet or exceed the most stringent air sealing requirements.

  • Reduce Dust In Home
  • Improve HVAC System Performance
  • Improve Your Home Comfort
  • Lower Your Energy Bills

AeroBarrier, AeroBarrier in Washington and Oregon

AeroBarrier is the only method to reach any level of air tightness, the first time, every time.

  • We pressurize a home/building/space while dispensing an aerosolized acrylic-based fluid. The pressure forces the product into any air leaks in the home, effectively ‘caulking’ any air leaks up to ½” diameter holes!
  • Popular on new construction for helping homes cost effectively meet energy efficiency requirements.
  • Can be used on existing homes/buildings/spaces, it just requires much more prep
  • GreenGuard Gold certified, ultra-low VOC, and no off gassing
  • Helps keep air where you want, keeps your energy inside your home and keeps allergens/dust/pollen out!
  • Insect and rodent reduction by sealing up all of those small hard to find cracks.

AeroBarrier Air Barrier, How it works.

AeroBarrier, AeroBarrier in Washington and Oregon

By using a modified blower, this patented technology pressurizes and distributes the sealant throughout your home. As the pressure carries the non-toxic, water-based formula throughout the house, any leak is effectively sealed by utilizing the very air that is leaking out, which will find any leak point visible or not.

Pressurization is achieved by using a blower door. The entire process is controlled by a computer, including temperature, pressure, humidity, and sealant distribution.

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