Marine insulation Portland is made easier with spray foam. View from the Willamette River in Portland Oregon

Why Portland marine insulation is best with Spray-On Foam

Living in Portland gives you the chance to do all sorts of activities in the great outdoors, including boating. From cruising down the Columbia River to exploring the Willamette Valley or checking out the islands around the Multnomah Channel, Portland is an exceptional boating destination in the Pacific Northwest.

While finding local waterways to go boating is a snap, boat maintenance can be another story. From damage caused by corrosion, harsh weather, and general wear and tear, marine vessels can cost thousands of dollars to repair structural damage.

However, Portland marine insulation with Spray-On Foam makes insulation and protection from the elements easy and cost-effective.

Here are some advantages to using polyurethane foam for your marine vessel:

Improve boat floatation and smooth out the ride

Spray-On Foam is ideal for extending the life of your boat by sealing against corrosion and the elements. It creates a waterproof seal that protects the marine vessel from damaging condensation and consistent exposure to the harsh elements. Polyurethane foam also increases drag for a smoother and safer ride. Passengers who easily become seasick in choppy waters will thank you for the less bumpy ride on high seas or rivers. When applied to the boat’s underfloor, spray foam greatly improves floatation. In fact, this versatile sealant provides 60 pounds of buoyancy per cubic foot.

Soundproofing for loud engines

Especially useful for small boats with loud engines, spray foam can quiet down the ride when applied to the hull or around other loud gear. This is a common complaint among small boat owners, as conversation aboard the vessel can be nearly impossible with a loud engine. Trying to have a peaceful day fishing on Puget Sound is made all the more difficult when loud equipment scares all the fish away. Spray foam is lightweight; it won’t slow down skiffs and other smaller boats with unnecessary weight.

Portland marine insulation with Spray-On Foam

Interested in applying polyurethane foam to your boat? The process of using spray foam on your marine vessel is surprisingly simple and finished quickly so you can get back on the water as soon as possible. Contact us at Spray-On Foam & Coatings and speak to an experienced technician about extending the life of your marine vessel on the Portland waters today.

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