Seismic Rehab

This is a new revolutionary method for seismically upgrading existing masonry structures. The cost can be drastically cheaper compared to conventional seismic upgrades. Spray On Foam & Coatings works with SR Contractors in Southwest Portland on seismic rehab projects.

As discovered in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, unreinforced masonry buildings have limited capacity for resisting seismic loads. They are susceptible to wall collapse caused by out-of-plane loads from seismic forces.

Masonry Composite Earthquake (MCE) Rehabilitation System

Engineered to help unreinforced masonry buildings better resist seismic activity, the MCE Rehabilitation System counts on an injection of urethane foam into wall interstitial space, providing stability to keep walls standing during even the more intense of earthquakes.

The Technique Is Safe

Skilled technicians who are trained and certified inject specially formulated urethane foam into wall cavities. The urethane bonds to interior wall surfaces. When the foam hardens, it has the structural properties to support clay tile walls in the event of seismic activity.

The urethane foam itself can be described as an adhesive. It forms a highly aggressive permanent bond with the clay tile, reinforcing against the effects of an earthquake. The reason polyurethane foam has been used for the past 3 decades is due to the foams ability to grow into all the contours of the existing wall.

Minimal Disturbance To Existing Space

Whereas other techniques involve placing a metal stud wall in front of the existing wall, MCE does not require the addition of another wall; it does not encroach in any way on hallway or room space.

Additionally, MCE leaves wall finishes mostly intact. Only a small access hole is needed to inject the urethane foam, leaving the other wall finishings entirely unaffected.

Cost-Effective And Expedient

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MCE reinforces clay tile walls at a lower cost and in less time than other techniques.

In fact, the Portland Public Schools district saved over 75% using MCE in comparison to traditional methods. Along side thousands of homeowners in the Portland metro area. With the added structural and insulation benefits in a home or building can add a great selling point in the future.

Added Benefit Of Insulation Against Heat Loss

Urethane foam is a highly insulative material, providing superior resistance to heat loss. In addition to making an unreinforced masonry structure much safer in event of an earthquake, MCE will help building owners save on energy bills!

Earthquake-Proofing For Unreinforced Masonry Buildings In Portland, OR

Seismologists studying the Cascadia Subduction Zone have predicted there is a 1-in-3 chance of a major earthquake hitting the Pacific Northwest in the next 50 years.

Taking appropriate measures to strengthen unreinforced masonry buildings is essential for preserving the longevity of the structure, and, even more importantly, protecting building occupants from injury or death due to structural collapse.

The experts at Spray On Foam can help make your building safe in the event of seismic activity. Give us a call for a free consultation today: 360-573-3131

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