Spray polyurethane foam eliminates unwanted air leakage by sealing gaps, cracks and holes in the building envelope, improving energy efficiency and durability. Controlling air infiltration can reduce tenant complaints by providing a safer, healthier, more comfortable indoor environment.

What Can Spray Foam be Used For?

Seismic Rehabilitation

To reinforce brick and masonry buildings against earthquakes, spray foam can be directly applied into wall cavities with a engineered system.  The urethane bonds to the interior wall surfaces. When it hardens, it can protect earthquake-prone buildings from crumbling during seismic activity.

Condensation Prevention

Spray-foam insulation controls humidity levels with a complete air seal for both residential and commercial buildings, which often leads to rust, corrosion, mold, mildew, and water damage if left untreated.

Climate Control

For wooden items like custom furniture, antiques, and musical instruments, proper insulation for storage is a must, as changes in temperature can cause them to warp, split or even crack. Buildings that have been treated with spray foam insulation can insulate up to 50% more effectively than those with traditional products.

Marine + Flotation

Spray foam insulation topped by a protective coating is ideal for commercial fishing boats and other marine vessels. Using spray foam with a protective liner is ideal for insuring your hold can with stand the extreme temperature change. Along with puncture resistant liner will avoid causing leaks in the hold insulation.


Spray foam provides a seamless barrier, filling cracks and easily conforming to the curves and angles of the tank. It reduces energy costs and the frequency of tank repairs while maintaining temperature.


Spray foam forms a monolithic, self-flashing surface when applied to roofs that effectively seals against leaks, cracks, and holes. The foam also serves as an energy-saving barrier to the sun’s rays, effectively lowering utility costs.

Sound Control

Commonly used in offices and restaurants, sprayed acoustic cellulose can help control sound levels inside the building and mask sounds originating from outside the building.

Specialty Coatings

Beyond our traditional offerings, we also produce coatings to perfectly serve the unique needs of your next project. These coatings can handle special projects, from water tanks to ductwork and decorative ponds.

Products + Materials

No matter what your next project is, we have a large selection of spray foam and specialty coatings products you can choose from to ensure that the job gets done right the first time.

Roof Recoat

Spray On Foam offers a variety of roof recoats, with coatings designed specifically as roof coatings to achieve up to 20-year warranties. With a roof recoat, not only do you avoid costly tear-offs, but you also get a more economical roof. Our coatings can be applied to all types of roofs.

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