The Best Catch Is The Freshest One: Keep Your Catch Cool With Spray Foam Insulation!

You work hard to fill the hold, and nothing’s more important than keeping your fish and crab at the right temperature. If your commercial fishing boat doesn’t have adequate insulation, your products and profits are in jeopardy.

Insulation for your marine vessel ensures the hold stays cold. It keeps ice from melting, and your products remain at the correct temperature.

Spray foam insulation topped by a protective coating is ideal for commercial fishing boats and other marine vessels. Our products offer superior temperature regulation, and our team’s experience ensures a seamless, durable application.

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White polyurea applied over foam in fish hold.

Marine Insulation And Air Barrier:

Spray foam insulation is the best method to insulate boats and maritime vessels. Whether you have a commercial fishing boat or a private vessel, spray insulation can help.
A layer of insulation offers the following benefits:

  • Hold stays cold
  • Insulates cabins
  • Reduces drafts
  • Noise reduction
  • Improves stability
  • Protects against condensation
Boats have to withstand severe conditions every day. Wind and water, hot and cold, equipment and crew all take a toll on your vessel. When spray foam insulation is correctly applied, your boat has an added advantage.

The insulation forms an air- and water-tight barrier. This layer regulates temperature and combats condensation. Excess moisture inside the vessel can lead to corrosion, mildew, and damage.

How Spray-On Foam Insulates A Marine Vessel:

Spray-On Foam applies polyurethane foam to various types of marine vessels. For example, we often work on the holds in commercial fishing boats. The insulation creates a brine or dry freezer in the hold. This keeps the catch cold and fresh until delivery.

Holds are often insulated at a thickness of 4 inches. This deep insulation is later shaped and covered by a polyurea finish.

Here’s the process we use to insulate a hold:

  • Our team inspects the hold. The interior must be dry and clean.
  • We spray our marine flotation foam on the floor and walls of the fish hold.
  • The team sands down the foam, preparing a smooth surface for the final coating.
  • We finish with a high-strength waterproof seal on top of the foam

Spray insulation is ideal for both new and old vessels. We can insulate a boat’s hull, cabin or wheelhouse. The Coast Guard has approved spray insulation for marine vessels.

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