Spray On Foam in Oregon

For nearly 50 years, we’ve been providing spray foam insulation in Oregon for industrial, commercial, and manufacturing applications. Our crews have decades of experience with these insulation materials, creating an excellent air seal in the walls and ceilings of your building structure to provide a safer, more comfortable, and energy-efficient workspace.

Choosing spray foam insulation means reaching appropriate R-values for your facility while providing an air barrier that helps with energy costs. Depending on your needs, we offer both open and closed cell spray foam options. Open-cell spray foam is ideal for hard-to-reach spaces while the more durable closed-cell foam is great for high-traffic areas

We work throughout the state, from Salem, Oregon, to the coast, from Eugene to Portland, and all along the Columbia River Gorge. Because of the expansive nature of spray foam, we’re able to provide much more coverage with less material. This can save money on delivery costs.

Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation

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Whether it’s used for wall insulation, in the roof, or in specialized areas for heating or cooling, high-quality spray foam provides complete protection. There are no gaps or bunching like with fiberglass and it’s more pliable than rigid board insulation. Because of its expansive nature, installing spray foam insulation means air infiltration is no longer a problem.

Even the smallest leak in a climate-controlled area can cause heating or cooling equipment to work that much harder, causing energy bills to rise. It could also affect your products or inventory. Spray foam insulation is the perfect solution for food processing plants, data centers, and other industries that require cooling properties.

The air seal created with spray foam insulation can also protect your equipment in these refrigerated scenarios. Humidity and condensation can cause rust, corrosion, water damage, and more. Using spray foam eliminates this worry, protects your investment, and cuts down on loss of product.

Spray foam can also be applied in difficult areas. This includes crawl space insulation, working behind heavy machinery, around existing electrical or plumbing services, and other situations. Spray foam is also ideal for new construction. As experienced spray foam insulation contractors, Spray On Foam works quickly, safely, and will keep you on schedule.

Oregon Spray Foam Experts

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In addition to insulation services, spray foam provides a wide variety of solutions. Fireproofing, asbestos abatement, soundproofing, marine use, and more. Closed-cell spray foam also provides a reliable surface for your roof that is strong enough to walk on, giving you great access to service rooftop appliances.

Take a look at all of the services we provide. If you have a question about a spray foam service for your Oregon facility and don’t see it listed, reach out to Spray On Foam. Our experienced team looks forward to seeing how we can help.

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