Warehouses, business parks, and other commercial, industrial, or manufacturing plants usually feature a flat roof. There are a few reasons for this, not the least of which is cost. A flat or very low slope roof doesn’t need as many roofing materials as a sloped roof does.

If the roof needs to cover 10,000 square feet, it’s much more cost-effective to go flat. The cost difference in residential homes isn’t as much, and in most cases, sloped roofs are the most aesthetically pleasing choice. But when it comes to business, saving money is as important as making money.

Roof recoat before and after in Washougal, Wa
Roof recoat before (left) and after in Washougal, Washington.

What is a roof recoat?

In actuality, there is no such thing as a “flat” roofing system. There must be some slope, however slight, to prevent standing or pooling water. The water then exits the roof through parapets along the edge of the roof to a gutter system. In more advanced cases, the roof slopes inward so the building can gather rainwater for reuse.

While traditional residential roofing systems can be made from several types of materials, there are fewer choices for a flat roof. Tar, built-up roofing (BUR), or rubberized membranes are the standard choices, but the warranty period of these materials isn’t as long as even the least expensive residential roofing material.

Cracks, scuffs, depressions, and other imperfections are common, especially if the roof houses large venting units, HVAC systems, or other equipment. These need to be accessible for maintenance, so the roof will see much more traffic. To add a measure of durability, Spray On Foam will add a protective coating of foam.

While this may not extend the warranty of the roofing material, it will definitely extend the life of your roof. The best part is this foam roof coating doesn’t require a tear-off of the existing roofing material. A foam roof layer of coating can be applied directly to the surface. Once in place, the foam roof system will act the same as those other materials.

Our foam roof repairing products offer up to 20-year warranties for your roof. By recoating the roof, you will renew the first line of defense against the elements. If you have a flat roof or low slope roof that is in need of a new roof, then a coating roof will work perfectly for you. With a recoat, a tear-off is not necessary, making little disruption to your business.

The coatings that we use can be applied to any existing roof and have many different colors to choose from. With many options at your disposal, our team will assess your project and design a custom roofing plan to fit your needs and requirements.

Experience Matters

No matter if you’re hiring a roofing company, a plumber, or an electrician for your plant or facility, hiring an experienced contractor will ensure the job is done correctly. Since 1973, Spray On Foam has been working on industrial, manufacturing, and commercial facilities to help business owners protect their investment.

In addition to adding a protective coat on top of your building, we also make the inside of your structure more energy-efficient as well. Insulating open walls, filling voids in the ceiling, fireproofing structure supports, and other applications will provide a more comfortable – and safer – work environment for your workers.

Interested in learning more about our flat roofing material or the insulative properties of our products? Feel free to reach out directly or fill out an estimate form. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how Spray On Foam can help.

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