Spray Foam Air Barrier

Icyene used on exterior of school for vapor barrier. Exterior of the building is yellow.

Seal your building. With new building codes the standards for achieving an air seal will be necessary. Using spray foam to get a air seal on commercial, residential, and industrial will be crucial. Using foam as an air barrier will not only create an air and vapor barrier it will also create a seem less insulation system.

  • Control water penetration
  • Control air flow
  • Control heat flow
  • Control water vapor flow
  • Control noise transmission
  • Control solar radiation
  •  Fire separation

Air Barrier

What is an air barrier? The new codes call for an air barrier on all the future projects so whether it is residential, commercial, or even industrial. Air barriers are a complete seal of the building envelope. This means all seams in the building system will have to be sealed. The reason spray foam works as the very best air seal is due to two factors. First it is liquid applied. This means that if applied by professionals it will be sprayed onto every part of the substrate gluing and embedding itself into each and every imperfection. Second is the expansion, Once on the substrate it will form around anything that come through the substrate thus insuring that the air on the exterior stays on the exterior.

With every build there are different challenges that we will face. With over 4 decades in the air barrier field we are able to draw on the things we have learned in the past to ensure that your project is done effectively and efficiently as possible.

Air Barriers In Construction

Every project should have an air barrier plan. From residential air barriers to industrial and commercial, there should be a way to ensure that air that is meant to stay out will stay out.

Brush Prairie Demilic HFO spray as continuous wall
Brush Prairie Demilec HFO spray as continuous wall vapor/air barrier

By spraying foam in place of using other air barrier methods the entire building can be sealed using the same material that is insulating the building.  With multiple different types of foam it can be applied on the interior or exterior. It also can be applied on all construction substrates with no preparation needed. Using either high and low density any project can receive the proper seal whether on residential, commercial or industrial. We will help find you the most effective system for your needs.

Vapor Barrier

A vapor barrier on the exterior substrate. In the past a exterior vapor barrier has been applied to a building that in will have a brick veneer. This is done by applying the spray foam after the framing or block wall has been installed with the hangers. After this is done foam will be applied with the before the veneer. In the past this has been mainly done with brick veneers. This system could also work with any type of siding. The spray foam can act as a air/vapor barrier along side of the insulation. This would mean that an entire building with have a continuous envelope thus ensuring that neither vapor or air could penetrate into the living/working areas.

Decrease Liability

As an architect, you’re liable for the building you design. With a 3/4″ by 3/4″ air leak in your siding, as much as 7.92 gallons of water can penetrate your building within a year. This can damage the integrity of the structure. With this in mind it is imperative to use the best air barrier. Spray foam can be applied to all substrates found in building construction making it easy to implement. On top of this it can be applied from the exterior as well as from the interior making it easy to use with every design.

Work With Experts

ABAA accredited

Spray On Foam is trained and certified by the Air Barrier Association of America. We have been applying continuous insulation systems in Washington and Oregon for the past 45 years and know what will work for our climate.

Using the spray foam as an exterior material is an excellent way to help mitigate project costs by applying a vapor/air barrier to the exterior while meeting all insulation codes all in one product and installation. Click here to learn more about using spray foam as an air barrier from one of the most trusted names in spray foam.

In addition to air and vapor barriers, spray foam also acts as durable and long-lasting insulation, fire-proofing, and asbestos mitigation, and a wide variety of other uses. Since 1973, we’ve been helping large industrial plants and small commercial buildings protect their investment inside and out.

Looking to add an air barrier to your new construction structure or need to retrofit a vapor barrier system over existing exterior sheathing or wall assemblies? Please contact Spray On Foam today to see how we can help. Or fill out our free estimate form and let us know what you need. Our fast coverage rate will get you back to work and product longevity after the spray is applied means you can keep on working for decades to come.

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