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Waterproof Spray Foam: Benefits of Spray-On Foam Being Waterproof

Your roof keeps you protected and out of the elements throughout the year. With a quality roof, you can rest knowing that you will be safe no matter what the weather is doing outside. If you have recently had a roof installed, consider adding Spray-On Foam insulation to add an extra layer of protection to…

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Coating an Existing Roof in Clark County WA

What Is a Spray Foam Roofing System?

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing enhances the strength and weather resistance of your commercial building. Spray foam insulation forms an airtight layer that prevents heat loss in winter, keeps buildings cooler in summer and strengthens roofs. We can apply spray foam insulation over an existing roof, to both interiors and exteriors. What Is a Spray…

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Open and Closed Cell Foam Insulation

What’s the Difference Between Open- and Closed-Cell Foam Insulation?

It’s important to choose the right type of insulation for a commercial or residential project. Spray foam is either open-cell or closed-cell. The two types of insulation differ in cost, application, and capabilities. The differences boil down to density, structure, and application. If you want to insulate a metal commercial building, you wouldn’t necessarily choose…

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Silicone Roof Coating Spray-On Foam Vancouver WA

Spray Foam & Silicone Coating Is Good For A Roof: Roof Sealant Spray

Spray foam and silicone roof coatings are an inexpensive, effective way to maximize your roof’s lifespan and improve its overall performance. Both options – spray foam and silicone coating spray – are safe, non-toxic, and relatively easy to apply, but they do differ slightly in terms of application and benefits. Silicone roof sealant is one…

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