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We’ve been serving Vancouver, WA, and surrounding Clark County areas for more than four decades. Providing high-quality products and services on time and on budget, our spray foam insulation provides a wide array of solutions for your commercial or industrial facilities.

Our durable insulative products will improve the energy efficiency of your building, providing the necessary R-value to meet codes and lessen your energy bills. Our fire-proofing products provide an extra layer of protection for your building and other specialty coatings help with abatement, containment, and reinforcement.

Spray Foam Insulation Services in Vancouver, WA

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For insulation, we provide both one and closed cell spray foam. For warehouses, garages, and other outbuildings, our spray foam will help seal structure and provide air and vapor barriers. Not only will this help protect the contents of the facility, but make it more comfortable for employees.

We offer both open and closed cell spray foam insulation. Open-cell foam is much more pliable and expands up to three times as much as closed-cell foam. This is perfect for hard-to-reach areas as well as any nooks and crannies that might be letting conditioned air escape.

Closed-cell spray foam is much denser and much more rugged. Ideal for high-traffic areas, roofing, and overlays, this type of insulation needs no maintenance and can stand up to most weather conditions of the Pacific Northwest. It is often used on flat roofs because it can stand up to foot traffic.

When used with new construction, spray foam can add an extra layer of protection to your electrical and plumbing systems. Instead of having to work around wiring or pipes, one shot of foam will fill the wall or ceiling cavities behind, in front, and between this necessary infrastructure.

Spray On Foam Products

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In addition to high-performance insulation, we offer an array of other products that can be used in both public and private construction projects. Our high-quality Geofoam is used to help solidify ground beneath your structure, raise sunken roads, and stabilize backfill or sloping hillsides.

Our products also act as a sealant for holding tanks, can be used to insulate marine vessels, and provide sound-proofing for structures. Click here for a complete list of uses for our products. Wondering if the expanding properties of foam can help with your situation? Reach out to Spray On Foam to see if we can be your strategic partner in Vancouver, Washington.

Locally and Family Owned

Spray On Foam has been family for two generations with no end in sight. Our crews have decades of experience, work safely and efficiently, and stay on top of new trends in the industry. Our insulation products can reduce your heating and cooling costs by between 30 and 50 percent.

That’s a lot when you consider how much it costs to heat a commercial structure, industrial plant, or business park. Whether you’re upgrading an existing facility or planning a new building, reach out to Spray On Foam and see how we can help make your structure more energy-efficient, safer, and even more stable.

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