Since 1972, Spray On Foam has been helping our customers secure the structures from the elements, improve energy efficiency in their facilities, and provide a safe work environment for their employees. Great for use in commercial, industrial, and manufacturing applications, our insulative products provide decades of security for your investment.

So what is spray foam insulation? In simplest terms, it’s a liquid that is applied to open wall cavities, ceilings, nooks, and crannies and quickly expands to fill those voids. The process itself is fast and safe, although proper ventilation is needed. Once in place, the foam no longer produces gasses and is safe for a lifetime of use.

Although there are a variety of uses, there are two main types of spray foam. Once applied, closed-cell foam is dense, rigid insulation that is made to stand up to the rigors of the elements, including the occasional bump and bruise from equipment or machinery.

For more delicate situations, such as use around exposed plumbing, electrical conduit, or telecommunication wiring, open-cell foam is used. Similar to the foam rubber you may find in seat cushions, open-cell is spongier and won’t put undue stress on the infrastructure. It still has the strength and reliability of closed-cell foam.

Nearly 50 years of Customer Satisfaction

Whether we use open or closed-cell foam, our customers appreciate how fast it can be applied and how quickly they can get back to work. It can be used in warehouses, parking garages, sound studios, holding tanks, and more. Spray On Foam products are ideal for insulation, asbestos abatement, sound-proofing, and even fire-proofing your facility.

As much as our customers appreciate the durability of our products, we are just as proud of our customer service. Customers appreciate our fast, yet safe, work and professionalism on the job, over the phone, or in the office. We have worked with many clients on several projects over the years and value the relationships we’ve made over time.

Below is a sample of some of the nice things our clients have said about us. If you would like to know more about our products and their applications, feel free to fill out a free estimate form or reach out to us directly. We look forward to talking about how we can help your facility perform that much better.

Spray-On Foam & Coatings, Inc. is a critical Strategic Partner in this regard. One of the most significant and critical components of a High Performance building is the foam insulation system. There are many applicators of foam, all of which ostensibly can get the job done.
Wes Wilson | President
We recently had them spray our new construction home and they did an amazing job! They worked a Quickly and kept everything clean and organized! I would highly recommend using them for your next project!
Meghan Andrews
Spray on Foam and Coatings has done several projects with us. They always have good ideas to help on tricky jobs and do good work efficiently and fairly priced.
Beth Garrett / RG Construction Services, LLC
Spray On Foam and Coatings Inc. is an excellent company to work with. They are punctual and do great work. I have recommended their services to many individuals and companies and will continue to do so. You will be happy that you chose them to work with you on your project.
Lane Jobe
Very prompt price was great. Originally had spray on scheduled for spring of 2018 and due to my own fault the job wasn’t ready until fall they where very patient with me. Although there bid was only good for 30 days (standard for construction) they stuck with their original quote. The end product is great. This is a great company I hope to use again. Thanks
Tanner Waliezer
Had a large pole building done with Spray-On Foam. Very high quality workmanship. Professional, Prompt and courteous. Covered my classic car from over-spray (no over-spray anywhere anyway). Worth while investment for my metal sided building. This is a “Local Family Business”.
Jesse Bauer