K-13 Soundproofing

Life can get noisy. Whether you are in an office building, a restaurant, a library, or somewhere else, we understand that controlling noise is necessary. Our sound control solutions are unmatched and can help keep things at the quiet level you require.

Sonaspray “FC” Acoustical Treatment

Here, we use a spray-applied system that consists of fibers and strong adhesive. It’s applied at a thickness of ½” to 1” and can be used for a variety of project types, serving as a highly efficient method to absorb sound. It can be applied to virtually any clean surface in a variety of surface shapes, including where panels or stretch fabrics are unable to reach. Because it can conform to most surfaces, it is commonly used in domes, corrugated decks, vaults, and more.

K-13 Thermal & Acoustical Insulation

Our team at Spray-On Foam & Coatings is experienced in installing this insulation type. It consists of recycled natural fibers that are chemically treated to add resistance to mold, fire, and mildew. To apply, the K-13 fibers are combined with a unique patented adhesive that results in a carpet-like texture. This is commonly used in sports facilities, gyms, parking garages, or sound studios.

White K-13 applied to patch existing car garage soundproofing.
White K-13 applied to patch existing car garage soundproofing.


This type of insulation is used as a thermal barrier approved to delay the ignition and reduce the burning rate of spray-on polyurethane foam. Ure-K can be applied over foam in existing buildings, or it can be used as a protective coating on top of the foam for new construction projects as a combination system. Ure-K has been tested and accepted by the national code bodies and fire insurance companies.

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