Why Choose Spray-Foam?

With many different insulations on the market, why should you choose spray foam insulation?

  • Energy-efficient
  • Air Barrier
  • Increased structure strength
  • Sound control
  • Vapor barrier
  • Health benefitsExterior vapor and air barrier achieved with closed cell foam Brush Prairie, WA

With spray foam, your structure’s energy efficiency will be maximized to its complete potential. With the foam being applied in a liquid form then expanding, it will find all cracking in crevasses and create a total air seal on the building. Once the air seal is in place, the structure’s climate is easier to control for maximum comfort and reduced energy bills.

After having foam applied, some energy bills have decreased by 40% to 50%. When using closed-cell, you can achieve 250% structure racking in walls and roof.

Open-cell foam or low-density foam can be used in an insulation assembly or as a sound barrier. Spray foam insulation is also a vapor barrier protecting your home or business from moisture by acting as insulation and a vapor barrier. With no water being able to permeate through the cells, the spray foam will protect the building occupants from mold and pollutants, making your building a healthy environment.

Closed Cell or High Density

Closed-cell foam is a high-density foam consisting of millions of small air cells that are closed off from one another. With this cell structure, the foam will not allow water or air to travel through at all.

Closed-cell foam works as interior insulation and as a durable exterior insulation to encapsulate the structure with thermal bridging, providing a total air and vapor barrier while getting the required R-values. Spray-On Foam has applied millions of closed-cell board feet here in the Pacific Northwest. Closed-cell is also the very best insulation for metal buildings, basements, roofs, tanks, freezers, connexes, vehicles, schools, brick buildings, AG buildings, and boats.

Open Cell or Low Density

Spray-on foam is an energy efficient insulation.

Open-cell or low-density foam is constructed of air cells that are open. When applied, the foam will expand rapidly. Once it has expanded, it will have a soft feel to it.

Open-cell foam is made for interior spraying to achieve R-value while sealing the building.

With open-cell foam, you get a great air barrier that will block any outside air from entering your building and causing moisture build-up from condensation that can lead to mold and water damage.

Another benefit of the open cell is sound reduction. Open-cell foam is a great solution for custom-built homes. With no need to breathe, the foam does not need venting, so it is great for flat ceiling homes or retrofitted attic living spaces.

Choose to Work With the Best

Foam is dissimilar from other insulation due to the fact that it is manufactured on site. This is done to accomplish a perfect seal on the entire building structure. It is imperative that when choosing a spray foam contractor you are using a certified SPFA contractor. With this certificate you can rest assured that you are working with the a professionals

Spray on has been in business since 1973. We have seen what it takes to make the best spray foam contractor and have not stopped providing our very best to the industry. This is due to the fact that we do not cut corners. All of our applicators are trained and certified. We have been here in the Pacific Northwest for four decades and will continue to serve the area with our expertise.

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