Asbestos Abatement:

Using spray foam for asbestos abatement can be a life saver. Spray on Foam and Coatings is a Washington state certified asbestos contractor, We specialize in taking on projects that consist of exterior and interior asbestos. Without needing to remove the installed asbestos we can eliminate the possibility of asbestos getting spread throughout your building, worksite, or property. Loose asbestos can cause a great liability to your entire enterprise that can cost you and your company hundreds of thousands in the future. Using spray foam as a tool to encapsulate the asbestos instead of using the more conventional way of removing the asbestos will help reduce cost, and time that is a common factor in working with asbestos. Spray on Foam and Coatings serves all of Washington and Oregon.

How to deal with asbestos:

The necessary steps you should take when you come upon a building material you think may contain asbestos is, first to avoid disturbing the material or any dust around the area. Second you should then get the material tested by an approved lab. If the material is known to contain asbestos call a professional. Do not put your employees or yourself at risk of exposure. With the proper training and expertise you can be assured that the asbestos will be dealt with in the proper way to ensure that it will not become a liability.

St. Helens Icyene Lapolla Roofing foam with acrylic
St. Helens Icyene Lapolla Roofing foam with acrylic

Asbestos Roof Panels:

With the durability asbestos was commonly used as a roof system before being banned in the United States, before it was banned vast amounts where used all over the Pacific Northwest. It is commonly seen on large industrial plants with roof systems that cover many thousand square feet over time these roofs will get damaged and they will leak leaving only one option but to replace them. Using roofing foam to encapsulate the asbestos panels will greatly reduce the astronomical cost of having to remove each and every panel and pay for the disposal on top of the cost of a new roof. Using some of the common roof coatings over the spray foam will ensure that your roof will be protected with up to 20 year warranties.

Asbestos Tanks Linings:

, Asbestos Abatement
exterior asbestos tank encapsulated with foam and polyurea

Industrial holding tanks commonly have an asbestos lining keeping the tank insulated and fire resistant. Using roofing foam to spray over tanks and pipes that have been wrapped in asbestos is a great way to eliminate any asbestos fibers escaping into the air we breath. Using spray foam and Washington State guide lines to encapsulate asbestos then spraying foam over the top of the encapsulate ensures that no asbestos fiber can escape into the atmosphere. This will also help insulate the tanks reducing freeze risk or saving on energy bills.

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