Metal building spray insulation

Metal building spray insulation in Oregon

Metal buildings serve a myriad of purposes for businesses in Oregon, so it makes sense to look at metal building spray insulation to protect your investment. Spray insulation is the most pragmatic application for the climate and conditions in the Pacific Northwest. Four benefits of using spray insulation for metal buildings include:

Prevent condensation

Cool winter weather means you’ll likely be enjoying your heating system and staying inside as much as possible while the rain pours. The Pacific Northwest is no stranger to plenty of rain and wet weather throughout the year, but unfortunately, water and metal don’t mix well.

Over time, water leads to rust, which can cause significant problems to the structure of your metal building. As the warm air inside rises, there will be moisture that rises to the metal roof, too. When that air touches any uninsulated metal, condensation will form.

If enough water collects, it can rain from the ceiling or drip down the walls. The water may pool on the floor and run onto your inventory. It may seep into machinery or storage shelves. If not addressed, condensation can weaken the building’s integrity, and this could cause costly deterioration.

This could potentially ruin your belongings inside the building, which could negatively affect your business. Spray insulation helps to prevent condensation from building up, which eliminates these issues and keeps the interior of your building dry.

Climate control

Climate control could make the difference between preserving the contents of your metal building or creating a breeding ground for spoilage, mold growth, and ruin. Spray insulation will help work alongside your heating system and keep the internal temperature consistent inside your metal building. Our spray foam product will keep your things warmer in winter and cooler in summer, creating an overall moderate environment ideal for sensitive items.

Muffle sound

Spray insulation is the perfect way to create a sound barrier for your building, whether you are trying to prevent noise from bothering others nearby, or if you are seeking a quiet space. Talk with insulation professionals about how to create the perfect workspace with the right acoustics you need to get the job done.

Increase property value

Metal buildings are cost-efficient ways to add space to your business, often providing storage or extra office space that adds value to your investment. Adding spray insulation can be one of the most efficient ways of increasing the value of your metal buildings, both preserving and protecting against the rainy weather that we are known for in the Pacific Northwest. Keeping your space insulated will curb the potential for deterioration, which can be a big selling point when it comes time to get your building on the market.

Metal building spray insulation: Enhance utility and value

If you have contemplated having spray insulation added to your metal building, wait no longer! Now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment so you can enjoy the benefits. Spray insulation will not only protect your metal building from damage, but it will improve indoor air quality and keep the building in good working condition for a longer period.

That translates to less work for you and more money in your pocket in the long run. There is a lot to be said for metal building spray insulation, and we’ve only scratched the surface. Whether you are seeking protection for your stored goods, a quiet workspace to work in, or you plan on running a business out of the metal building, spray insulation will enhance and improve the property, increasing its value and utility.

Contact Spray-On Foam & Coatings to insulate your metal buildings and structures in Oregon and the greater Pacific Northwest. You rely on your metal buildings for many different purposes and this insulation is the perfect solution for a damp climate. Contact our spray insulation professionals today about your metal buildings so we can get your project started soon.

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