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Spray Foam Insulation visible during a basement upgrade

Is It Important To Insulate Your Finished Basement?

You own a business and a building. Or you’re a facilities coordinator or facilities manager tasked with monitoring and recommending building upgrades for the person who owns the business (or the building). In cases like these, you’ll almost certainly ask yourself: Is it important to insulate your finished basement? The answer to that question is…

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Demilic HFO closed cell on wall cavity.

How To Insulate Interior Basement Walls

The best way to insulate the interior basement walls of your commercial space or business: spray-on foam insulation. The company with the best know-how to insulate interior basement walls? Spray-On Foam & Coatings! Since 1973, we’ve been providing superior service and expert insulation services to businesses throughout Southwest Washington. Looking for spray foam insulation in…

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Spray foam installation on a warehouse ceiling

What are some good materials for a fireproof building?

Wildfires have been raging around the Pacific Northwest leaving structures damaged or in some cases, completely ruined. Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to keep their buildings fireproof. A fireproof building will help protect not only the structure itself but lives. Although keeping the area around your industrial plant free of vegetation…

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Spray Foam Installation in progress

What are the benefits of spray foam insulation?

Your commercial building houses important materials that require protection from the elements. In the Pacific Northwest, the rain and wind are prevalent, so the last thing you need is a structure that leaks. Whether it’s exterior walls that have cracks and holes or interior walls that need to be at certain temperatures, eliminating air leaks…

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Spray foam insulation being installed and finished

Spray Foam Insulation vs. Fiberglass Insulation

If you’re building a new home or business and are looking at the options available to insulate it with, you may have encountered the option of spray foam. You may be wondering, “What makes spray foam insulation better than traditional fiberglass insulation? It’s all just insulation, right?” Depending on your needs, spray foam insulation can…

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Earthquake proof brick house

How to earthquake-proof brick buildings

Experts are predicting a giant 9.0 quake with the potential to utterly demolish the Pacific Northwest’s oldest masonry buildings from Seattle to Portland and everywhere in between. We’re talking large-scale destruction of structures made unsalvageable with collapsing walls, caved-in ceilings and bricks flying every which way. According to information obtained by The Seattle Times in…

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