Spray-On Thermal Insulation

Businesses rely on storage tanks to keep water, chemicals and other substances safe. Plants, farms and paper mills are among the industries that need tanks for storage.

Whatever your industry, and whatever you store, your products are valuable. Spray polyurethane foam can enhance the strength and efficiency of your tank. An insulated tank better protects your products and business.

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Sulfer tank sprayed with spray foam with ignition barrier coating.

Spray-On Foam has been applying commercial insulation in Washington and Oregon since 1973. Our locally owned company is a trusted partner to businesses and homeowners around Southwest Washington.

Temperature And Condensation

An uninsulated tank can develop problems with condensation. Over time, excess moisture may to corrosion and cracks. When that happens, the tank no longer functions properly. If your storage container fails, you’ll be on the hook for costly repairs or replacements.

Sometimes a tank’s contents need to stay cold. Other times, it’s essential the products remain warm. At all times, a tank must provide an airtight barrier between weather, pests and contaminants.

Our products form a seamless thermal barrier. We apply insulation to tanks of all sizes and shapes. The coating provides temperature control, reducing the cost of heating and cooling. Spray insulation also adds to the stability and strength of a structure.

How We Insulate Storage Tanks In Washington

We use high-quality products to ensure a long-lasting seal on your tank. Our products help your tank resist corrosion and abrasion. An insulated tank better withstands damage from chemicals, abrasion and weather.

Insulating a tank is a four-step process:

  1. Tank inspection: We assess the tank’s condition, location, material and contents.
  2. Weather forecast: We usually work on tanks during summer when conditions are best for application.
  3. Spray foam insulation: We spray roofing foam on the side and top of the tank, forming a seamless layer.
  4. Protective coating: We apply a coating to protect the insulation from weather and ultraviolet damage.

Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation For Tanks

Spray foam provides a seamless barrier, filling cracks and easily conforming to the curves and angles of the tank. The foam insulation and protective coating offer these additional advantages:

  • Can be customized to your needs.
  • Reduces energy costs and tank repairs.
  • A thicker layer of foam when more insulation is required.
  • Installation of heat trace systems to maintain temperature.
  • Polyurea finish for improved resistance to chemicals

Spray Foam Insulation For Southwest Washington

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