Specialty Coatings Give Roofs New Life

What is a spray foam roofExtend the life of a single-ply roof with an application of an acrylic or urethane commercial roofing system. Instead of tearing off and replacing, we seal your existing roof with a cost-effective, sustainable method with proven durability.

Spray-On Foam has the experience and high-quality coatings to keep your Southwest Washington commercial or residential roofing dry and leak-free. We custom install renewable single-ply roof coatings perfect for conditions in the Pacific Northwest.

Why Coat Your Single-Ply Roof?

Spray-On Foam coats your single-ply roof, protecting it from becoming worn and brittle. Roofs can be treated when they’re first installed to prevent wear. They can also be recoated to repair and prevent damage. When you restore a single-ply roof with an acrylic or urethane coating, you’ll save substantially over the price of replacement.

Our coatings are ideal for single-ply roofs. They’re also an economical method to seal or repair many other types of roofs, including hot tar, metal and asphalt.

We partner with National Coatings and Lapolla, trusted names in roofing systems. With the best products from these companies, our team has restored and renewed roofs all around Vancouver, Washington and the surrounding areas. Depending on the product you choose, a manufacturer’s warranty is available for 5, 10, 15 or 20 years.

A roof coating reduces waste because the roof stays put. There’s nothing to tear off, disassemble or send to the landfill. We use coatings that adhere to your roof to provide an unbroken seal. When we coat your roof, seams are no longer weak spots vulnerable to wear.

Coating can be repeated every 10 years or as needed, prolonging the life of your building by a decade or more. We can also use these coatings in conjunction with spray foam insulation, providing you with a complete roofing system that saves energy and makes your building more comfortable.

Choose The Right Product For Your Needs

Spray-On Foam will help you choose the product that’s right for your roof. We use a number of coatings and systems. We’ll recommend the system best for your building’s location and conditions.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get when you apply a coating to your building:

  • Weatherproof seal: Protects against UV damage and leaks.
  • Eliminates waste: An alternative to costly, labor-intensive tear-offs.
  • Eco-friendly: Sustainable and environmentally friendly products and application process.
  • Broad application: Coatings for single-ply roofs, metal, hot tar and asphalt. Right for a variety of commercial and residential buildings.
  • Convenient installation: Coatings installed with minimal disruption to your business and occupants.

Serving The Vancouver, WA Area Since 1973

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