roof coating, Why You Should Coat Your Businesses’ Existing Roof

Why You Should Coat Your Businesses’ Existing Roof

If your business’ roof is showing signs of wear and tear, you may be considering replacing it. The cost and time that goes into a new roof probably seems overwhelming and is probably not ideal for your business, as you may have to be closed for several weeks while it’s replaced.

Consider instead coating your existing roof. A roof coating has incredible benefits and the ability to renew the life of your roof without the need to disrupt your business or your life.

Add Years to Your Roof’s Life

By coating your roof, you’re adding a level of protection a reroof doesn’t typically have. Not only does it add a level of UV protection, which is great for metal and roofs that are black to prevent extreme temperature fluctuations that put strain on your roof, but it’s ideal for a wet climate like the Pacific Northwest. A roof coating fills in the gaps in your roof where seams meet or the edges of the roof. This means that water won’t pond on top of the roof leading to erosion and leaks, which can create major problems, like rusting, mold and mildew growth, or dry rot. A roof that’s protected from the elements is a roof that will last for years to come.

No Disruption or Lost Business

A roof coating is much easier than a roof tear off and replacement and can be done in a day or several depending on the size of your roof. Your business can operate as usual, and your customers and employees won’t be subjected to incessant hammering and stapling noises. Additionally, spray coating is compatible with many different roofing types so your roof can easily be refreshed no matter the material.

Your Roof Coating Expert

If you’re looking to protect and extend the life of your roof, contact Spray-On Foam and Coatings. We’ve been doing this since 1973, so if you have questions, we have answers. Contact us today for an estimate, and prevent leaks and erosion tomorrow.

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