Marine Flotation Foam for Seattle boat

Marine Urethane Foam for Seattle Vessels: Flotation Foam

Boating can be a marvelous activity for outdoor enthusiasts in the Seattle metro area, and commercial fishing is a pretty lucrative business in Washington state. However, trying to stay warm or comfortable aboard a boat of any kind can be another thing altogether.

Most boats and vessels need marine flotation foam to keep out cold winds and miserable weather. Commercial fishermen are also plagued with the task of getting their catch back to port while it’s still fresh and ready to sell at the market.

Fortunately, polyurethane spray foam insulation can enhance your boating experience. A quick coating of marine flotation foam with spray-on technology will seal up any wheelhouse or cabin and provide the extra insulation you need in the hold to keep your crab and fish cool and fresh.

How Spray Foam Works for Marine Vessels

Spray-on foam is a special type of polyurethane foam that is applied to seal cracks, strengthen walls, floors and hulls, and of course, insulate and protect boats from the elements. It’s ideal for sealing gaps and preventing airflow through all crevices on any marine vessel.

It is made using a combination of liquid ingredients, which expand to a thick foam on anything it comes in contact with. The foam can penetrate corners, contoured surfaces, walls, and barriers.

Using spray foam on marine vessels is actually a pretty simple process. Take a look at what you can expect if you choose to insulate your boat with spray foam.

  • Our team of specialists verifies that the surface to be treated is clean and dry.
  • The flotation foam is sprayed on the surface.
  • After the foam has sufficiently dried, it is sanded down to a smooth surface.
  • The final waterproofing seal is then applied.

Marine Flotation Foam for Seattle Boatsseattle, Marine Urethane Foam for Seattle Vessels: Flotation Foam

Marine flotation foam can be applied to any number of Seattle marine vessels and boats, such as commercial fishing boats. It works just as well on new or older vessels to seal out moisture, prevent mold and insulate against extreme temperatures. Predominantly, spray insulation is used to seal and insulate wheelhouses, cabins, hulls, and holds.

Spraying on a thick coating of foam insulation to a hold provides the protection you need to make sure your hold maintains constant cold temperatures to prevent fish or crabs from spoiling.

Applying spray foam to a hull helps to seal cracks, strengthens the hull, and may prevent future leaks. Cabins and wheelhouses stay comfortable and warm during winter months and cool and dry during spring and summer after being treated with marine spray foam.

Benefits of Marine Urethane Foam

Staying comfortable and dry is essential for a pleasant boating trip, and it is especially important for those deckhands working long hours to set nets or run traps on a commercial fishing vessel.

Applying marine floatation foam Seattle can provide the following benefits:

    1. Well-insulated cabins and wheelhouses
    2. Protection from condensation
    3. Reduced drafts
    4. Reduced noise and soundproofing
    5. Fish holds maintain a constant temperature
    6. Improved stability

Don’t settle for a drafty wheelhouse, leaks, condensation, and mold. If you’re interested in improving your boating experience, adding insulation, fewer drafts, and a hold that keeps fish fresh, contact Spray-on Foam & Coatings today.

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