Closed cell sprayed on attic remodel.

Benefits of removing old attic insulation

Business owners have to pay attention to a lot of different things, juggle multiple priorities, and keep a close watch on front-of-house concerns: the business itself, revenue, client, and customer satisfaction.

But there are back-of-house — i.e., facilities concerns — that must also be attended to. One of those concerns: attic insulation. This raises several questions. How often does attic insulation need to be inspected? How long will it last and for how many years can it be expected to provide effective insulation? Finally, what are the benefits of removing old attic insulation?

Let’s examine these questions (and a few more that will pop up along the way) with a focus on the last one: What are the benefits of removing old insulation from your business’ attic and replacing it with spray foam?

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation creates a tight seal. Compared with traditional fiberglass insulation, it is exceedingly effective at producing a layer of insulation with no air infiltration. It is lifetime attic insulation, so you’ll be able to permanently scratch it off your list of business worries.

Spray foam seals all voids and creates an air barrier around your business’ attic, helping you maintain a comfortable temperature — no matter the season — and leading to lower utility bills.

Spray foam attic insulation is created by combining isocyanate and polyol resin. When mixed, they expand and fill every nook and cranny of your business’ attic.

Benefits of replacing old attic insulation

What are the benefits of removing and replacing old attic insulation? First of all, our spray-on treatments provide better insulation than other methods. Second, it’s a worry-free treatment. And finally, you won’t need to concern yourself with formaldehyde, CFCs or HCFCs (it doesn’t contain any of those things) or off-gassing, which is not produced once the product sets (usually within seconds).

Best of all, it has a tremendous R-value, which is a measure of thermal resistance to heat flow, or, more generally, how well it insulates. The R-values for Spray-On Foam’s expertly applied insulation can reach upwards of R-7 per inch. Old-fashioned blown fiberglass has an R-value between R-3 and R-4 per inch.

Oh yes, one last thing: Our spray foam is waterproof! Here in the Pacific Northwest, that truly comes in handy.

Spray-On Foam & Coatings Southwest Washington

Removing old attic insulation is an unpleasant and dirty task. That’s why you should always hire an expert to do the heavy-duty dirty work for you. Spray-On Foam is just that expert. We’ll remove the old attic insulation and dispose of the insulation materials properly.

We’ve been doing this for a long time, and it’s always been a family affair. Our staff is expertly trained and constantly kept informed of best practices for insulation attic spaces. So if your business is in need of an attic insulation review, we’re the ones to call.

Please contact Spray-On Foam & Coatings today with any questions. We look forward to serving you.

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