Spray on Foam on commercial roof

Average Cost of New Roof and How We Can Save You Money

Having a reliable roof on your commercial building is something that is necessary to keep business operations running smoothly. When was the last time your roof was replaced? If you aren’t sure what the answer is to that questions, chances are, it is old and may need to be replaced. One way to prevent this large cost is to preserve the life of your roof with spray foam.

How much we can save you: The average cost of a new roof

It depends on your building and its specific intricacies, as each application is different. New roofing is generally several dollars per square foot and is less on larger jobs. This tends to make new commercial roofs cost thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. Avoid the frequency of this expense by using Spray-On Foam.

How can roof coating help prolong the life of your roof?

When you decide to replace your commercial roof, it’s an investment and one that you should want to protect as long as possible. Roof coating from Spray-On Foam & Coating can easily extend the life of your roof up to 20 years – even in the Northwest climate where we get plenty of rain and wind.

We provide a 20-year warranty after applying this energy-efficient single coat. It is water-resistant and will not crack or wear over time. In the warm summer months, you could even see up to 35% savings on cooling costs of your business. We think that’s something to get excited about!

If you are considering a roof replacement, don’t delay in contacting our team at Spray-On Foam & Coating to find out more about roof coating. Adding roof coating will help save you thousands of dollars later down the road, which is better for your business! Contact us for details on how roof coating could be right for your commercial building.

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