Flat Roofs Benefit from Spray On Foam

Flat Roof Coating

Flat roofs have become a very popular choice for many commercial business owners because of their modern, unique look.

If you are considering a flat roof, it’s important to know that they can require more maintenance than pitched roofs. However, with the right roof coating, you can prolong the life of your roof and keep it in great working order for as long as possible, even in the Northwest where there are lots of rainy days month after month.

Our team is experienced in applying roof coating to flat roofs of all kinds, and we offer a 20-year warranty after applying a single coat. Our flat roof coating is water-resistant and will not crack over time. When the weather is hot in the summer, you will likely see significant energy savings on the cooling of your business or building inside.

Considering installing a flat roof, or do you have a flat roof currently that could benefit from our quality roof sealing process? Call our team at Spray-On Foam & Coating to find out more about how our roof coating can work for your roof.

Benefits of a flat roof:

  • No ponding water
  • Up to a 20-year warranty
  • Custom color
  • Cheaper than re-doing the entire roof
  • Seals all units on the roof
  • Businesses are not disturbed while we are working

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