Spray Foam

Depending on your project’s specific needs, there is a multitude of spray foam options you can choose from. Some foams are designed with specific goals in mind, such as filling holes in roofs or improving the energy efficiency of the entire building. Here’s a look at the products we offer.

Carlisle No Trim 21

Carlisle No Trim 21 is a light density open cell foam. Great for insulation and air barrier. This product works for all types of buildings. Carlisle has perfected the open cell formula to create a foam that contains zero o-zone depleting blowing agents with fire retarding materials. Using open cell spray foam instead of fiberglass and and blow in without the need of roof and floor ventilations.

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Heatlok HFO High-Lift

Leveraging an ultra-low Global Warming Potential blowing agent, Demilec’s Heatlok HFO High Lift is able to spray R-49 in a single pass. Not only does this product go up fast, but it’s also one of the more earth-friendly products on the market. Meeting strict requirements for schools, marine, agriculture, residential, water tanks, medical facilities, the Heatlok HFO has superior adhesion and vapor barrier.

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Heatlok HFO PRO

Demilec Heatlok HFO Pro is a closed-cell spray foam that is designed for commercial, and industrial but can also be used for residential structures. Demilec Heatlok is used as a vaper barrier with great adhesion, allowing the spray foam to be used on all supstrates without allowing a air gap between the substrate and insulation.

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FE 348 SPF Roofing

This spray foam will greatly lengthen your roof’s lifespan by providing a protective coating that fills virtually any irregular shape, including cracks, gaps, holes, and seams. In addition, FE 348 SPF contains highly reflective properties that reduce energy consumption and save you from extra utility expenses when applied to the roof.

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FE 348-2.8 Roof Foam

This spray foam is designed to protect the integrity of your roof by essentially acting as a shield against the sun’s damaging rays. FE 348-2.8 also can effectively seal your roof against water damage so that a minor leak doesn’t turn into an expensive headache.

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