What is Geofoam?

Geofoam is a high-density foam that is used for underground applications. Spray foam is very light weight but adheres to all surfaces, making it a better substitute to mud or shotcrete. It can be used for slab jacking or stabilizing the ground beneath structures. We use a special foam that has a slow cure time that is injected under high pressure. When the foam is pumped into the ground via pre-drilled ports, it will sink deep into the soil, finding any available channels and then curing out. It has been used to lift sunken highways as well as leveling out sidewalks.

Why Use Foam Over Mudjacking:

Foam is a much better option compared to the conventional mudjacking to fix sinking concrete structures. The reason the structure is sinking in the first place is because of weight, so adding more heavy mud will mitigate, whereas foam is lightweight but can grow to enough pressure to lift concrete and also stabilize the soil underneath.

Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization is used in cases where the soil must stay in place, such as hillsides or earthworks. This is commonly done by putting walls, weather shooting shotcrete, or putting in a physical barrier. By injecting foam you can achieve the same results under the surface of the soil. With geofoam injected under the surface, the foam will act as a root to hold the soil together and make a barrier that is unseen.

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