My husband and I are building our retirement dream home. After much research, we decided we wanted the innovative “flash and batt” closed cell foam and fiberglass insulation process as it provides maximum insulation value as well as other benefits such as water, mold and pest resistance. After careful evaluation of local spray foam installers we chose Spray-On Foam & Coatings, Inc., LLC. We are so glad we did.

The product you used, in and of itself, far exceeded our expectations. Even more impressive however, was the conscientious and detailed attention our home received by your installation crew. Both gentlemen were not only extremely knowledgeable about the process we were using, but they were respectful, timely, thorough and very careful to clean up after the job was done. To top off our experience, the installer called the office at the conclusion of our job and, after discussion with the owner, determined that our bid included square footage that could not be done. Much to our surprise, even though we had a signed contract, we promptly received a credit the next day for the appropriate square footage.

Such integrity and demonstration of “doing it right” for the customer is rare and certainly appreciated. We want to thank you again for your superb assistance in completing the insulation process of our dream home.

Thank You!

The Todds

Sealection 500…great stuff! “One of the nation’s most unique bed and breakfasts” was literally made possible as a result of the use of Sealection 500. Only by using this product could we create what amounts to thermos like living quarters! No kidding, we actually turned old metal grain silos into beautiful bed and breakfast accommodations by embracing Sealection 500 as our solution to the dilemna of sound and temperature insulation. The net effect was the evolution of extremely quiet and comfortable surroundings in what were traditionally noisy and hot-in-the-summer/cold-in-the-winter “tin cans”. What’s more is that it allowed us to pioneer what could become a trend in the use of structures that are otherwise useless for any purpose other than their original intent.

Dotting the landscape of rural America are literally thousands of abandoned grain silos which can be put to use as offices, residences or any number of practical facilites like bed and breakfasts, for instance. The problem most encounter, however, is that after years of expansion and contraction the the result of temperature changes as well being filled with all kinds of grains, silos (aka grain bins or tanks) are awkward to build within. Despite being basically cylindrical in shape, they typically are pretty warped and out of round. This, in turn, results in stud walls built around the internal perimeter that stand at varying distances from the vertical skin. Use of Sealection 500 enabled us to simply build a perfectly straight wall and not worry about the variable distances inasmuch as the sprayed on foam simply built itself out from the skin to the inner edge of the stud wall.

Not only did the Sealection 500 provide complete coverage in every conceivable gap, it coincidentally served as an overall bonding agent also. In other words, we got an unexpected benefit when it was applied after the plumbing and electrical installations were completed, simply put it basically bonded everything together. Specifically, the entire space between the metal skin wall and the back surface of the drywall basically was filled and fused. What a nice bonus in terms of sound reduction as well as thermal integrity.

With the technical assistance of our foam installation contractor, Roger Tikka, [Spray-on Foam & Coatings, Inc.] we were able to convince our local building inspector to accept a new concept in ventilation that truly made the project practical. Specifically, we sprayed the entire cavity of the silos right up to the top cap of the silos with foam and thus created our huge thermoses. Later we installed thermal controlled attic fans on the tops of the silos that effectively extract excess heat and moisture.

Amazingly, the contractor was in and out in just two days and completed all three silos and cleaned up completely in that length of time. A conventional installation of the usual sort not only would have taken more time, but we are convinced we would never ave had nearly as good a result. Better still is that we eliminated the worry of the batting falling down behind the walls and we got the added benefit of the “fusing” described above.

To complete our internal thermal systems all we had to do was install in-floor radiant heating for the cooler months in Oregon. Generally speaking, the foam system installed allows the ambient temperature inside the buildings to stay right around 72 degrees; it gets cooler in the winter but then just the slightest amount of warmth added brings it right back to a very comfortable range. We believe that the added front end insulation cost (maybe 10-15% more than conventional insulation methods) was easily recovered the first season in terms of reduced fuel use. Incidentally, our floor heating is supplied by a 50 gallon natural gas water heater that is more than sufficient to power seven independent zones that encompass some 3200 square feet of floor space.

At the end of the day, we could not be more pleased with our choice of Sealection 500 as the perfect product for our unique insulation needs.


John Stuart

Abbey Road Farm

Bed & Breakfast

Carlton, Oregon

EAGLE INSTITUTE is a Consulting Company approaching the whole building as a system to provide healthy technology and extraordinary energy efficiency.

In our endeavor to maintain the high order of credibility with our clients, it is of paramount concern to know and engage independent contractors with this same high level of commitment to credibility.

Spray-On Foam & Coatings, Inc. is a critical Strategic Partner in this regard. One of the most significant and critical components of a High Performance building is the foam insulation system. There are many applicators of foam, all of which ostensibly can get the job done. As anyone in any industry from medicine to aerospace knows, there are always the top performers and then there is the rest of the pack. Without question, and unequivocally, Spray-On Foam & Coatings, Inc. is at the very top of this top performing group. They not only have years and years of experience, they have earned the hard won reputation of doing it right the first time. They can absolutely be counted on the bring the very best in performance, product application, and expertise to each and every job they do.

Our firm has several applicators to choose from. We always defer to the selection of Spray-On Foam & Coatings, Inc. if it is at all feasible. The reason is clear and very simple. Their commitment to quality and integrity supports our vital position in this regard.

Unqualified in any way, I can recommend Spray-On Foam & Coatings, Inc. in the most straightforward manner.

Wes Wilson



To those of you looking for a Spray-Foam or coating applicator consider the following:

I found Spray-On Foam to be the most knowledgable and competitively priced. They performed the work as agreed, on schedule and delivered an exceptional work product. They are very easy to deal with, and are very accessible. They view themselves as a part of your project’s team, not just a sub-contractor. My project’s scope of work increased beyond that of the original bid. They priced the extras commensurately with the original agreed upon pricing – without being asked to. I recommend Spray-On Foam to you on so many levels – their professionalism, workmanship, experience, and their enthusiasm in keeping abreast of the changing technologies.

As if that were not enough, in of its self, I respect their personal charter, attitudes and ethics. Just what does it mean to you, that they are a family owned business? In a word, it is their company culture. In 2004, after doing business with Roger Tikka, the founder, I came away from that experience trusting and respecting him. Roger’s legacy is the company-culture. It is this culture, and his core values, that guide and differentiates Spray-On Foam from the others. It is the basis by which all of their employees perform their work with competence and pride. After doing business with Spray-On Foam I believe you will agree.

My thanks go out to the team: Alina, Jake, Jon, Mark, Mike and Nels.

Randal Rowland

Great product, great company to work with.

Steve Miller

Excel Homes

Spray-on Foam & Coatings Vancouver WA


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