Why You Should Coat Your Businesses’ Existing Roof


If your business’s roof is showing signs of wear and tear, you may be considering replacing it. The cost and time that goes into a new roof probably seems overwhelming and is probably not ideal for your business, as you may have to be closed for several weeks while it’s replaced.. Consider instead coating your existing roof. A roof coating has incredible benefits and the ability to renew the life of your roof without the need to disrupt your business or your life.

Add Years to Your Roof’s Life

By coating your roof, you’re adding a level of protection a reroof doesn’t typically have: Not only does it add a level of UV protection, which is great for metal and roofs that are black to prevent extreme temperature fluctuations that put strain on your roof, but it’s ideal for a wet climate like the Pacific Northwest. A roof coating fills in the gaps in your roof where seams meet, or the edges of the roof. This means that water won’t pond on top of the roof leading to erosion and leaks, which can create major problems, like rusting, mold and mildew growth, or dry rot. A roof that’s protected from the elements, is a roof that will last for years to come.

No Disruption or Lost Business

A roof coating is much easier than a roof tear off and replacement, and can be done in a day or several depending on the size of your roof. Your business can operate as usual, and your customers and employees won’t be subjected to incessant hammering and stapling noises. Additionally, spray coating is compatible with many different roofing types so your roof can easily be refreshed no matter the material.

Your Roof Coating Expert

If you’re looking to protect and extend the life of your roof, contact Spray-On Foam and Coatings. We’ve been doing this since 1973, so if you have questions, we have answers. Contact us today for an estimate, and prevent leaks and erosion tomorrow.

Spray Foam Insulation vs Fiberglass Insulation


If you’re building a new home or business and are looking at the options available to insulate it with, you may have encountered the option of spray on foam. You may be wondering, “What makes spray foam insulation better than traditional, fiberglass insulation? It’s all just insulation, right?”

Depending on your needs, spray foam insulation can offer vast advantages to fiberglass insulation. Here are some of the most popular reasons people make the switch to spray foam insulation.

Energy Efficiency and Climate Control

Because traditional fiberglass insulation allows for air to escape, it makes it more expensive and less energy efficient to heat or cool your business. Spray foam insulation does not allow air to escape, making it easier on both your wallet and the environment.


Fiberglass insulation needs to be replaced every 10-20 years, and that’s if your insulation stays dry. If this insulation becomes wet it will need to be replaced immediately or you risk mold growing. This downtime for replacement is time that your business could be open and earning money. In contrast, spray foam insulation can last 80+ years. In other words, a lifetime of insulation. No downtime, no recurring expenses for replacement.

Condensation Prevention

If you’re in business in the Pacific Northwest, you don’t need to be told about the significant levels of moisture in the air. With traditional fiberglass insulation, this moisture can become trapped allowing for mold and bacteria to grow. This could potentially create poor air quality conditions. Again if you’re fiberglass insulation gets wet, you’ll need to replace it. Spray foam insulation doesn’t retain water. With no water retention, there is no moisture buildup that leads to mold or allergens growing.
If you’re ready to make the switch to a more economical, practical, and healthier insulation, call Spray-On Foam today. We’ve been serving the Washington and Oregon area since 1973 and we’re ready to help you.

Why Portland marine insulation is best with spray on foam

Marine insulation Portland is made easier with spray foam. View from the Willamette River in Portland OregonLiving in Portland gives you the chance to do all sorts of activities in the great outdoors, including boating. From cruising down the Columbia River to exploring the Willamette Valley or checking out the islands around the Multnomah Channel, Portland is an exceptional boating destination in the Pacific Northwest. While finding local waterways to go boating is a snap, boat maintenance can be another story. From damage caused by corrosion, harsh weather, and general wear and tear, marine vessels can cost thousands of dollars to repair structural damage. However, Portland marine insulation with spray-on foam makes insulation and protection from the elements easy and cost-effective.

Here are some advantages to using polyurethane foam for your marine vessel:

Improve boat floatation and smooth out the ride

Spray on foam is ideal for extending the life of your boat by sealing against corrosion and the elements. It creates a waterproof seal that protects the marine vessel from damaging condensation and consistent exposure to the harsh elements. Polyurethane foam also increases drag for a smoother and safer ride. Passengers who easily become seasick in choppy waters will thank you for the less bumpy ride on high seas or rivers. When applied to the boat’s underfloor, spray on foam greatly improves floatation. In fact, this versatile sealant provides 60 pounds of buoyancy per cubic foot.

Sound proofing for loud engines

Especially useful for small boats with loud engines, spray on foam can quiet down the ride when applied to the hull or around other loud gear. This is a common complaint among small boat owners, as conversation aboard the vessel can be nearly impossible with a loud engine. Trying to have a peaceful day fishing on the Puget Sound is made all the more difficult when loud equipment scares all the fish away. And because spray on foam is lightweight, it won’t slow down skiffs and other smaller boats with unnecessary weight.

Portland marine insulation with spray-on foam

Interested in applying polyurethane foam to your boat? The process of using spray foam on your marine vessel is surprisingly simple and finished quickly so you can get back on the water as soon as possible. Contact us at Spray-On Foam & Coatings and speak to an experienced technician about extending the life of your marine vessel on the Portland waters today.

Metal building spray insulation in Oregon

Metal building spray insulationMetal buildings serve a myriad of purposes for homeowners and businesses in Oregon; it makes sense to look at metal building spray insulation to protect your investment. Spray insulation is the most pragmatic application for the climate, conditions, and utility that consumers in the Pacific Northwest. Four benefits of using spray insulation for metal buildings include:

Prevent condensation

Water and metal don’t mix well. Over time, damaging rust can form and cause major damage to metal buildings. Condensation can weaken the building’s integrity and risks costly deterioration which may ruin your belongings inside the building. Spray insulation helps to prevent condensation, which eliminates these issues and keeps the interior of your building dry.

Climate control

Climate control could make the difference between preserving the contents of your metal building or creating a breeding ground for spoilage, mold growth, and ruin. Keep the internal temperature consistent with spray insulation for metal buildings. The spray foam will keep your things warmer in winter and cooler in summer, creates an overall moderate environment ideal for sensitive items.

Muffle sound

Spray insulation is the perfect way to create a sound barrier for your building, whether you are trying to prevent noise from bothering others nearby, or if you are seeking a quiet space. Talk with insulation professionals about how to create the perfect workspace with the right acoustics you need to get the job done.

Increase property value

Metal buildings are cost-efficient ways to add space to your business or property, often providing storage or an extra office-space, that adds value to your investment. Increase the value of your metal buildings by preserving and protecting against the rainy weather with spray insulation. Keeping your space insulated curbs the potential for deterioration, which can be a big selling point when it comes time to sell.

Metal building spray insulation: Enhance utility and value

There is a lot to be said for metal building spray insulation, and we’ve only scratched the surface. Whether you are seeking protection for your stored goods or a quiet workspace to work in, spray insulation will enhance and improve your metal buildings, increasing their value and utility.
Contact Spray On Foam & Coatings, Inc to insulate your metal buildings and structures in Oregon, and the greater Pacific Northwest. You rely on your metal buildings for a lot of things, from protecting your belongings to storing your stock and inventory – insulation is perfect for the damp coastal climate. Talk to our spray insulation professionals about your metal buildings today.

Marine flotation foam for Seattle vessels

Marine Flotation Foam for Seattle boatBoating can be a marvelous activity for outdoor enthusiasts in the Seattle metro area, and commercial fishing is a pretty lucrative business in Washington state. However, trying to stay warm or comfortable aboard a boat of any kind can be another thing altogether. Most boats and vessels need marine flotation foam to keep out cold winds and miserable weather. Commercial fisherman are also plagued with the task of getting their catch back to port while it’s still fresh and ready to sell at market.

Fortunately, polyurethane spray foam insulation can enhance your boating experience. A quick coating of marine flotation foam with spray on technology will seal up any wheelhouse or cabin and provide the extra insulation you need in the hold to keep your crab and fish cool and fresh.

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