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Marine insulation Portland is made easier with spray foam. View from the Willamette River in Portland Oregon

Why Portland marine insulation is best with Spray-On Foam

Living in Portland gives you the chance to do all sorts of activities in the great outdoors, including boating. From cruising down the Columbia River to exploring the Willamette Valley or checking out the islands around the Multnomah Channel, Portland is an exceptional boating destination in the Pacific Northwest. While finding local waterways to go…

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Marine Flotation Foam for Seattle boat

Marine Urethane Foam for Seattle Vessels: Flotation Foam

Boating can be a marvelous activity for outdoor enthusiasts in the Seattle metro area, and commercial fishing is a pretty lucrative business in Washington state. However, trying to stay warm or comfortable aboard a boat of any kind can be another thing altogether. Most boats and vessels need marine flotation foam to keep out cold…

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