Seal Drafts in Columbia River Gorge Homes

Seal Drafts in Your Columbia River Gorge Homes

The Columbia River Gorge has more than 70 waterfalls, 300 species of plants and lots and lots of windy days. To prevent drafts in your Gorge home, you need insulation that blocks holes and cracks.

Seal Drafts in Columbia River Gorge Homes
The Columbia River Gorge in Oregon and Washington is beautiful and breezy. Spray-on Foam insulation is the best choice for sealing drafts in gorge homes and businesses.

Properly applied spray-foam insulation prevents air leakage better than other types of insulation. Because the foam is spray-applied, it works its way into small cracks and crevices. Batting insulation can’t do that and isn’t as effective at blocking drafts.

Summer Breezes Turn to Winter Freezes

Summer vacationers to the Gorge often decide to make a home in one of the small towns along the river. They fall in love with the rugged beauty along the Washington or Oregon sides of the Gorge. Atmospheric pressure differences make the Gorge a wind tunnel. The weather gives the area world-class windsurfing. It also frustrates homeowners. It can take living through a cold winter in a windy climate to discover the draftiness of a house. Whether you need to insulate an existing structure or you’re building a new house, spray-foam insulation keeps cold east winds from entering your home.

Seal Drafts in Columbia River Gorge Homes with Spray Foam

Spray foam prevents drafts in two ways: It insulates and seals air leaks. Spray foam forms a continuous, unbroken layer of insulation. It conforms to contours, corners, and cathedral-shaped ceilings. The product doesn’t require fasteners that can create air leaks in boards, beams, or rafters. The foam fills the often invisible leaks that compromise a home’s energy efficiency. One of our products can resist water, mold, and pests. Your home’s barrier won’t be damaged by other Gorge mainstays such as rain and rodents. Wildlife won’t nest in spray foam and water won’t leak through it.

Hire an Experienced Team

Some homeowners in the Gorge have chosen spray foam in the past and been frustrated. Inexperienced contractors don’t always have the skills or knowledge for proper application.

Spray-On Foam has been in business since 1973. Our technicians have years of experience in the application of our products. We understand how to seal and insulate homes in the unique climatic conditions of the Pacific Northwest.

Spray-foam insulation must be mixed before it’s applied. When done correctly, the foam will expand on the application forming a tight seal. Spray-foam insulation’s effectiveness depends on skillful applications. Our installers are meticulous. They take the time to get the job done right, covering the gaps and holes in your home.

Choose a Family-Owned Business from the Pacific Northwest

Learn about the benefits of spray-foam insulation by contacting us today at 360-573-3131. We’d be happy to give you an estimate for your project.

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