Metal building spray insulation

Metal building spray insulation in Oregon

Metal buildings serve a myriad of purposes for businesses in Oregon, so it makes sense to look at metal building spray insulation to protect your investment. Spray insulation is the most pragmatic application for the climate and conditions in the Pacific Northwest. Four benefits of using spray insulation for metal buildings include: Prevent condensation Cool…

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Marine Flotation Foam for Seattle boat

Marine Urethane Foam for Seattle Vessels: Flotation Foam

Boating can be a marvelous activity for outdoor enthusiasts in the Seattle metro area, and commercial fishing is a pretty lucrative business in Washington state. However, trying to stay warm or comfortable aboard a boat of any kind can be another thing altogether. Most boats and vessels need marine flotation foam to keep out cold…

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A business that's been insulated with spray-on foam.

Why Use Spray Foam Insulation in Commercial Buildings?

During a new construction or renovation project, the energy consumption bills that come after the final nail has been hammered can be a hidden cost associated with commercial buildings. Taking the time to make sure your building is energy efficient can have an immediate, significant financial impact on heating and cooling costs. Choosing and installing…

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Earthquake proof brick house

How to earthquake-proof brick buildings

Experts are predicting a giant 9.0 quake with the potential to utterly demolish the Pacific Northwest’s oldest masonry buildings from Seattle to Portland and everywhere in between. We’re talking large-scale destruction of structures made unsalvageable with collapsing walls, caved-in ceilings and bricks flying every which way. According to information obtained by The Seattle Times in…

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Coating an Existing Roof in Clark County WA

What Is a Spray Foam Roofing System?

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing enhances the strength and weather resistance of your commercial building. Spray foam insulation forms an airtight layer that prevents heat loss in winter, keeps buildings cooler in summer and strengthens roofs. We can apply spray foam insulation over an existing roof, to both interiors and exteriors. What Is a Spray…

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Open and Closed Cell Foam Insulation

What’s the Difference Between Open- and Closed-Cell Foam Insulation?

It’s important to choose the right type of insulation for a commercial or residential project. Spray foam is either open-cell or closed-cell. The two types of insulation differ in cost, application, and capabilities. The differences boil down to density, structure, and application. If you want to insulate a metal commercial building, you wouldn’t necessarily choose…

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Metal building spray insulation

How to Use Spray Foam Insulation for Metal Buildings

Metal is great for building industrial and commercial structures. It’s economical, durable, and great for building industrial and commercial structures. It’s also easy to maintain. Metal is used to build everything from small sheds to vast warehouses. It’s even catching on with architects designing upscale buildings. Metal becomes better when it’s properly insulated. Without insulation,…

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