Residential Spray foam insulation

How Much Does Spray-Foam Insulation Cost?

Installing spray-foam insulation is initially more expensive than installing fiberglass. However, spray-foam insulation gives a better return on your investment. Foam insulates anywhere from 30% to 50% better than fiberglass. It has an R-value of between 3.5 to 7 per inch while fiberglass has an R-value of 2.2 per inch. The greater the R-value, the higher the resistance to heat flow. Foam has an estimated lifespan of 80 years compared to the 25-year lifespan of fiberglass. Spray-foam insulation, unlike fiberglass, doesn’t lose R-value over time.

How Much Does Spray-Foam Insulation Cost?

Spray foam is available in open- or closed-cell formulations. The price of a project will depend on the scope of your project. As will most types of construction, costs differ from place to place. In Vancouver and the rest of southwest Washington, the cost of spray-foam insulation is influenced by the type of foam, the cost of labor, the area being treated, and the thickness of the foam.

Choose the Right Spray-Foam Insulation

Open-cell spray foam costs less than closed-cell foam. Choose open-cell if it gives you the R-value you need, and if you want a sound barrier. Choose closed-cell if your project requires higher insulation and resistance to water vapor. Both types of foam can be used in either residential or commercial construction, though most residential construction uses open-cell.

Invest In Experienced Professionals

Spray-foam insulation is a job for professionals, requiring skill and experience. Proper installation is the key to spray foam’s effectiveness. Unqualified installers may leave areas unsealed and unprotected, spraying the insulation inconsistently. Our company has been in business in Vancouver since 1973. Our team is experienced, knowledgeable, and gets the job done quickly.

Estimate the Area to Be Treated

Spray-foam companies in Vancouver calculate by square feet. The larger the area, the higher the cost. While the initial investment to insulate a big commercial building may seem high, the savings in energy efficiency add up. We can help you calculate both installation costs and potential savings in energy use once we know more about the project.

Spray-Foam Insulation in Vancouver, Washington

Spray-foam insulation immediately begins saving businesses and homeowners money on utility bills. In winter, insulation seals out drafts and keeps the heat from escaping. During summer, you’ll keep your interiors more comfortable and reduce AC use. Spray-foam also reduces condensation in metal buildings, protecting your property from water damage.

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