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Depending on your project’s specific needs, there is a multitude of spray foam options you can choose from. Some foams are designed with specific goals in mind, such as filling holes in roofs, or improving the energy efficiency of the entire building. Here’s a look at the products we offer:

Sealection 500

Classic Plus

Icynene Class Plus is an open cell spray foam that’s best suited for commercial interior applications. Ideal for architects and builders, Classic Plus is a soft, flexible material that is vapor permeable and supports bi-directional drying of assemblies. You can be sure that this foam will maintain an air-tight seal and meet the latest building codes with ease.

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Sealection Agribalance

Classic Max

Also called Icynene Classic, this is a high-performance open-cell spray foam with thermal capabilities that keep the building’s occupants warm and comfortable even in the harshest of winters. Class Max also improves interior air quality and reduces the risk of moisture-related problems. It is ideal for commercial properties.

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Heatlok Soy


Icynene ProSeal (MD-C-200-v3) is a closed-cell spray foam that is well-adapted for wall cavities and exteriors, floor assemblies, attics and crawlspaces. This thermal-focused insulation material falls in accordance with the latest building codes and is vapor-permeable.

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Foam Roof Information

FE 348 SPF Roofing

This spray foam will greatly lengthen your roof’s lifespan by providing a protective coating that fills virtually any irregular shape, including cracks, gaps, holes and seams. In addition, FE 348 SPF contains highly reflective properties that reduce energy consumption and save you extra utility expenses when applied to the roof.

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Spraytite 178 2# Foam

Spraytite 178 Series

Spraytite 178 Series is a closed-cell spray foam that is designed for use in residential construction applications. Ideal for interior use, this foam controls the ability for moisture to penetrate buildings and improves the interior air quality.

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Closeup of Spray on Foam

FE 348 2.8 Roof Foam

This spray foam is designed to protect the integrity of your roof by essentially acting as a shield against the sun’s damaging rays. FE 348 2.8 also can effectively seal your roof against water damage so that a minor leak doesn’t turn into an expensive headache.

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