A safe, versatile way to insulate your home, spray foam application for roofing can be done on both interiors and exteriors.

What is a Polyurethane Foam Roofing System?

Polyurethane foam is produced by a chemical reaction of polyal and an isocyanate, along with other additives, resulting in a rigid plastic that expands to become a seamless layer of closed cell foam. The system includes preparation of the substrate, application of foam to specified thickness, and application of an elastomeric coating. There are several coatings available that provide a weather-resistant surface that can be walked on for normal roof maintenance.

Exteriors Re-Roof Coats, In Complement to Spray Foam

We are excited to announce our partnership with National Coatings and Lapolla!


National Coatings and Lapolla have coating systems to restore and renew most existing roofs. Typically metal, asphalt, BUR, Mod Bit, Single-Ply EPDM hypolon, PVC and TPO can be restored for a much lower cost than roof replacement. National Coatings and Lapolla offer up to 5-20 year warranty if approved.>


Benefits: The benefits to applying coating to an existing roof is it does not require a tear off or a new roof. There is no inconvenience to the occupants during our application. Each coating can survive in extreme weather conditions for up to 20 years or longer.



When spray-foam for roofing is applied to the exterior of a building, we apply a weatherized coating on top. There are several types of weatherized coatings that can be used:



Perfect for commercial or residential roofing projects, silicone coating can serve as a to waterproof your roof. Spray-foam can be applied first for superior insulation, and once properly set, the roof can be coated with silicone.

Silicone coating helps prevent leaks from forming, and also fills in any cracks. It is also reflective and helps with climate control.

Particularly well-suited for weather in the Pacific Northwest, silicone roof coating is extremely durable and holds up well to any potential water ponding from intense rainfall.

We carry products from National Coatings and Thermo-Sil from Lapolla. Each product offers a 5 – 20 year warranty.


“Single ply” refers to a type of roofing membrane that consists of flexible sheets of compounded synthetic materials. These systems provide flexibility, strength, and durability.You can extend the life of your hypalone, EPDM single ply roof by applying acrylic or urethane coatings.

At Spray-On Foam, we offer 5, 10, and 15-year warranties.

Advantages of a Polyurethane Foam Roofing System


spray foam on a commercial roofPolyurethane foam can be applied to surfaces with irregular shapes and penetrations. Many applications can be made over the existing roof. This can eliminate the cost of tearing off the old roof.

Stops Leaks, Weather Resistant

Polyurethane foams form a monolithic, self-flashing surface that effectively seals against leaks. Further protection comes from the elastomeric coating applied over the foam. Foam can be sprayed with a slope to drains, facilitating water removal.

Adheres to Most Surfaces

A seamless layer of foam is fully adhered to the substrate, horizontal or vertical, and withstands high wind stresses.

Reduces and Simplifies Roof Maintenance

The applied polyurethane foam system usually requires no maintenance. If damaged, caulking is sufficient for repair in most cases.

Provides Superior Insulating Efficiency

Polyurethane foam is the most efficient form of thermal insulation commercially available. The systems usually pay for themselves in a few years with energy savings.

Reduces Building Movement

By placing the insulation on the outside, the foam system reduces building movement and thermal shock.


Complete polyurethane foam roofing systems are many times lighter than tar and gravel systems. When applied to an existing roof, the loose material removed usually ways more than the replacement foam. This results in the new roof being lighter than the original.

UL Listed

Polyurethane spray foams are listed under UL 790 and UL 723. UL 790 roofing systems are listed Class A over non-combustible decks and class B over combustible decks.

Asbestos and Formaldehyde Free

Polyurethane contains no asbestos or formaldehyde to cause health concerns for residents or employees.

Proven Roofing and Insulating System

Polyurethane spray foam roofing systems have been applied successfully for over 40 years.

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